be green – the environmental seal of quality from SELTMANN WEIDEN

be green

Why be green?

At SELTMANN WEIDEN, production in accordance with strict environmental criteria and health guidelines has always been a top priority.

To create a credible, long-term means of communicating this eco-friendly approach embraced by the whole Seltmann Group, Seltmann has developed an environmental quality seal for its porcelain manufacturing activities.

This environmental seal of quality, whose standards have long been actively practised at SELTMANN WEIDEN, is based essentially on the following criteria:

and health

This means:
developing innovative technologies for the exceptionally eco-friendly production of products that respect the strictest health guidelines.

be green

Raw materials

• porcelain from natural minerals with no chemical additives

• porcelain is lead and cadmium free (according to the strict guidelines of the State of California – USA)

• these guidelines include regular checks and therefore continued compliance with them, as well as the certification of the most stringent limits.

Porzellan-Brand erfolgt mit umweltfreundlichem Erdgas


• porcelain firing is conducted with environmentally-friendly natural gas

• introduction of the latest exhaust gas filter technologies

• reduction of CO2-emissions

sukzessive Optimierung der Logistik


• access to natural water resources and recycling - after treatment
   - no use of drinking water
   - no use of sewers
   - resource-neutral use

• successive logistics optimisation

• reduction in natural gas consumption

• heat recovery – in accordance with the latest technology

Verpackungen vorrangig aus recyclingfähigem Material


• regular checks carried out by an independent testing institute

• maximised use of recycled materials

• packaging primarily made of recyclable material

SELTMANN WEIDEN porcelain: for your health – and the environment!

You can find out more about our environmental seal of quality in this PDF.