Offering guests a feast for the senses.

Serve-yourself buffets – the epitome of »freestyle« catering ...

The demands placed on the newly developed buffet concept include functionality, diversity, aesthetics, an outstanding look and feel alongside many other requirements.
It has truly become »fantastic«.

Based on the buffet system developed by FRILICH, one of the leading catering equipment suppliers, this new buffet concept has earned its name for the discerning presentation of food:
Fantastic Logo

For benefit-oriented lovers of aesthetics ...
This discreet design with its random mottling and muted colours conveys a natural, cosy feeling of »hearth and home«. As if to say: »kick off your shoes and relax«.
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COUP - Fine Dining

For benefit-oriented lovers of aesthetics …
High-quality, versatile, porcelain tableware – with a clearly structured product range.
From banquet, buffet, table or extraordinary event, everything is possible with the COUP Fine Dining porcelain series.

The flat, almost organic, design language always evokes a noble appearance and forms an optimal stage for the meal presentation with its simple elegance.
Often times less is more …

The COUP Fine Dining series is serious business. So serious that it requires relatively few items to meet all the requirements of sophisticated gastronomy with regards to functionality and aesthetics.
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COUP  Fine Dining - Hotelprozellan

COUP  Fine Dining - Hotelprozellan
COUP  Fine Dining - Teller und Platte Hotelprozellan


Meran - Organic

for the »GOURMETS« of this world …

The MERAN porcelain shape now includes the »Organic« series. A porcelain highlight for the connoisseurs of this world.

This new dish series is characterised by a soft and flowing design. The gourmet bowls are the high point of this porcelain line – »an event given shape«.

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Meran Organic white Table – Hotel porcelain

Meran Organic white Coffee – Hotel porcelain

Porcelain in its most beautiful forms:


Now with Coup Fine Dining

Hotel porcelain

of the highest quality:
isn't just called MAXIM – it is a Maxim!

This cream-colored porcelain reflects an illustrious cosmopolitanism with its look-and-feel.
With its soft and flowing form, the proverbial grandeur of this porcelain shape affirms and yet eludes any comparison, because it is beyond comparison.

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MAXIM - Coffee collection - noble Hotel porcelain

  • - Highest edge impact-resistant
  • - 1,400 degree firing temperature
  • - Extremely scratch-resistant
  • - Excellent transparency
  • - Cream-colored
fine diamond porcelain by Seltmann Weiden
MAXIM - Kaffee Collection - edelstes Hotelporzellan

MAXIM - Organic

The »Organic« gourmet bowls opens up a new dimension in haute cuisine.

MAXIM - Coffee collection - noble Hotel porcelain

MAXIM - Coffee collection - noble Hotel porcelain